The Dark Knight, One of the Most Popular Pokies

The Dark Knight is an all around awesome game. I love playing this pokie online ever since I traveled to Australia and my aussie mates converted me into loving these type of gambling/fun entertainment.

The cool thing about that night is that I was quite ready to go to bed, but my friends insisted and I ended up playing for a long time. I have to be honest though I am not one of those guys who enjoy gambling a lot, or playing poker or roulette online. But with slots (or online pokies) it is easy, there are not complicated rules to learn, and you can just let yourself go and have some fun and although you’ll probably lose a coin or two, there is the odd chance that you might actually win some money 🙂

One thing though is, if this is your thing I should warn you. Apparently you have much better odds of making money at poker, black jack or even sports betting. With sports, if you know quite a bit about a specific sport, there is money to be made, especially when the media builds a lot of hype around a particular player or team, there is always the opportunity to bet for the underdog and get paid a lot of money in the chance of an upset.