Online Casino Canada

Online Casino CanadaThere are a variety of casino games for all our Canadians to select from. Some of these games include the Grand Mondial Casino, Zodiac casino and also Captain Cooks casino. These games are high quality, easy to access and have the best features that will satisfy all the player’s needs, so you don’t have an excuse for not enjoying your online casino Canada.

Note that these games are packed with great bonuses which are offered to players. For example, in Zodiac casino, players get the opportunity of earning rewards of up to 20 dollars, and one has 80 percent free chances of becoming a millionaire. Another casino game that you need to watch out for in Canada is the Grand Mondial casino which is getting grand acceptance by the players. Some of the benefits associated with this game include the 150 bonus free spines given to the players and the continuous rewards that the players receive as they continue to play these games.

The Best Casino Online Game to Join

Each of the listed above games has their benefits which the customers get once they sign up. Therefore it is essential that you click on each game to view what it is offering and the benefits that you can reap for playing each of them to be able to make the right choice. The most vital thing to look out for before selecting an online casino game is if they have rules that protect you as the player. Thus your personal information and all the financial information should be kept private from another person viewing it. With the above casino online games, you don’t have to worry about your security as they have put up all the terms that govern the sites regarding the customer’s privacy hence all your personal information cannot be leaked out to the third party.

Captain Cooks Casino- Popular Choice for Canadian Players

Canada Online Casino GamesThere are so many casino games that are recognized in Canada and among these games is the captain cooks casino. Just like other favorite online games, this site is equipped with hundreds of online games for the customers to enjoy. These games are accessible on various devices like the PC, laptops and you can as well enjoy your gaming moment as you move with the use of a mobile phone.

Start to win at captain cooks casino game with the use of their welcome bonuses. For every 5 dollars that you deposit as a new player, you get the opportunity of winning up to 100 free spins which guarantees you to win more money at the Mega Moolah slot game.

Apart from these mega welcome bonuses, you get additional rewards once you sign up with the site whereby you automatically get enrolled in the Casino Rewards VIP loyalty program.For this program, one gets the opportunity of collecting the ongoing bonuses and in return earn points as you play. Note that these rewards can be redeemed for chips or credit with the casino site.

Options of the Best Bonuses

Although most of the casino games offer online bonuses now, it is always wise to know what are the terms and conditions governing these bonuses. Most times you will realize that you have to accomplish a particular gaming task for you to receive the given bonuses. So dig deep and learn more about the offered bonuses.

Match Play Bonus

Canada Best Online Casino to Play GamesThis is the feature whereby one is required to make a particular money deposit to the casino. Then the casino uses your deposit to match up with the different winning levels of the game. For instance in the case where you deposit 50 dollars in the casino, if it gives 100 percent match, the casino offers you 50 dollars extra. This game is also referred to as multi-level match play bonus.

Free Bonus

This is the bonus which is given to new customers the moment they sign up to the online casino site. The reward is offered in hourly whereby you are supposed to play using the given money maybe within an hour or more depending on the site’s recommendations. Sometimes you may be allowed to keep the money you are earning from the games, but then again they come with terms to follow too. One of the well-known casino site that offers these bonuses is the Golden Tiger Casino online game.

No deposit bonus

These are casino sites that offer bonuses to their players for free. Meaning no terms and conditions apply for you to receive the gifts. The difference between these sites and other which have terms is the fact that their offers are relatively low since they range from 10 to 50 dollars. These bonuses are offered once you join and sign up with the site hence are not continuous.


The jackpot is a casino game that allows you to win big money while betting and one specific site offers excellent win yet at low bet is the 888casino. The website is designed with different slot games with jackpots to select from. Watch this video for more information:

Safe and Secure

The player’s safety and security are very crucial and to ensure continuous support and protection, we have installed security software that protects their identity and bets too. So sing up in any of the above sites and start to enjoy your gaming as you win.

Dragon Age: The Game for all Ages

With so many online games available, I am still happy that action-role playing video games were never neglected. I keep on searching more about video games and discovering great details about it. I am a game enthusiast and playing these runs in my blood. Yes, I stopped blogging, but I am now on track to continue my interest.

When I asked Google about the video games of 2014, there are plenty of games provided. Technologically wise, Google provided a sorted list of games commonly discussed on the web, so I never feel worry finding the best and most played games. One of these is the Dragon Age: Inquisition. Several games appear in my search, but let me first discuss this. I will discuss the rest in my next post.

I don’t like writing without experiencing what I am saying. I played the Dragon Age: Inquisition. And it’s fun, exciting and fantasy enclosed game. It took me a hundred hours to play and finish Dragon Age: Inquisition. Developed by Bioware, the Dragon Age: Inquisition is their third major game, next to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. I never played these two, but I believe they are also good.

Playing the game gives the opportunity of becoming the band of adventurer’s leader. Leading them has the purpose of bringing back reform on their lands. Of course, they also aim for peace. The land I am mentioning here was tattered due to political strife and civil wars.

Skies across the world are torn due to the rifting of inter-dimensional demon spewing. As the leader, it is your task to resolve the issue. By all means, the organization is divided into small groups that will manage different regions. Moreover, your band of adventurers should search for regions and locations. This is only possible by surviving every story missions. Similar with other video games, you have to survive and gather more regions to win the game.

The one hundred hours of playing is worth it. I don’t even want to eat the lunch and dinner because I am too excited to discover more regions and fight against the rift. This game has been customized by the developers. I agree with that. I was able to control over my game. The experience was fun and worth it.

Compared to its predecessors, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, the Dragon Age: Inquisition brings more twist and challenge. More opportunities were offered to the players, so gaming was brought to the next level.

I personally play the game and can testify the improvements. The game is challenging and hooks me to finish it as soon as I can. No wonder why it ranked fifth during its first week of release.

Everybody can play this video game. Aside from enjoying, you will also love the story. With this, you will able to manage small groups and work on strategies to win the fight.

I hope you find this review interesting. I guarantee the awesomeness of the game, platform and graphics. It is very professional and user-friendly.

A New Bicycle- The Art of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition

For this original article about the release of The Monkey Island 2, I got so many responses. So I thought to use them in this redesign. You can give your impartial views about this.

The other day I was shopping at “Canadian Tire” (a chain of department stores in Canada, like Wal-Mart), and I noticed a father loading a brand new pink bicycle onto his truck. I saw it as a girly bike – the kind with multicolored tassels flaring from the handle grips, white plastic training wheels haphazardly poking out of the sides, and a bare frame anxiously waiting to have My Little Pony stickers pasted all over it. I smirked a bit, and kept walking. As I passed the man’s truck, I saw his little girl sitting on the passenger seat, peering through the back window as her father loaded the bike. The look on her face – I cannot find the words to express it – was ecstatic! She was bouncing all over the seat, squealing excitedly like only a 4-year-old can. Like the infamous N64 Kids she looked to be in sheer bliss.

I remember that when I was young, getting a new game was about as exciting as my father coming home with a new bicycle. As I’ve mentioned in a prior post, Monkey Island 2 has a special place in my heart. It was the first game that my sister and I pooled our money together for, after months of back-breaking work on our farm, feeding horses and mowing acres of lawn. In those days, the recession of the early 1990s was hitting my family pretty hard. My mother was attending university at the time, and my father’s carpentry business was not going well at all; money was a constant problem around the house. While my parents paid my sister and I an allowance for doing chores around the acreage, I knew that an allowance was a frivolity that my parents could barely afford. Buying a new game with months’ worth of our pooled chore money was a big deal.monkey-island

I would tear open the box as soon as we had left the store, and start digging into the manual. The 45-minute car ride back to my family’s acreage was like torture. The Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge box art (painted by Steve Purcell) became a playground for my imagination; by the time we arrived home I had already created a world and story based on what I saw on the box. My sister and I traded pieces of the game back and forth as we drove home, but inevitably there was something about the box’s front cover art that we both were attracted to. There was something about the cover art that invoked our imaginations. It had horrible tension, an utterly terrifying pirate on the front, and it told a story in one glance: whoever that guy is on the left, he’s in trouble!

For the release of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, a latest cover art was introduced with an attractive and luxurious modification made in it. For me something was lacking or rather not upto the mark in the entire demo. My curiosity and doubting on the nostalgic behavior leads to make a differentiation of both the current and older version of the art with some sort of other artists work also included. The gaming world is of much taste for me, including the gaming house as well. In the current article, I used the ideas and terminologies from the Heinrich Wölfflin for performing this distinction in more transparent and authentic way. Being not an expert or a commentator, I suppose to make a lot of faults. Thanks to my friends for their immense support to make out this comparison and to make me aware about the Wölfflin.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I am disturbed by my brother on the other room. He keeps on trash talking. The sound of the computer game was disturbing, too. I don’t know what makes him interested playing the game. So, I went in his room and sneak on his activities. Well, he is playing a computer game, as always.

In the afternoon, I asked him about the title of the video game he’s playing. He said with enthusiasm, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”. And I said, “Okay”, as if I am not interested.

When I get back to my room, I searched about the game Call of Duty. As per Google’s information, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a first-person shooter video game released in 2014. It is published by Activision. Well, I heard about these, but not too familiar. when exploring more, i found something innovative about the betting world.

This version of Call of Duty was harnessed with technology advancements leading the players to the next enjoyment and fun levels. It is enclosed with high-tech definitions and platforms. Moreover, advances ability set and arsenal was enclosed with the game. Players will be more enticed playing because of the new and fresh equipment, perks, technology and vehicles the game offers. Now, I can say that these features make my brother interested in playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

He played almost every day, until the sun sets. I don’t know how many times it will take to finish the game. If the Dragon Age: Inquisition requires hundred hours to finish the rift, this one needs more time.

The gamer is also allowed to select between the new-improved technology weapons or standard ammunition to use. These weapons create a dynamic and active gameplay for the player. Improved player verticality and movements are the result of the great gameplay introduction. As the player, you are given awareness, endurance, strength and speed by boosting the biomechanics, grappling and jumps, and covert cloaking abilities. With the introduction of advanced weaponry and armor, and exoskeleton, the soldiers were able to do tactics and strategies in any of the game’s terrain. Compared to the previous version, this gives freedom to the players.

In order to upgrade the exoskeleton, the player should earn points during each mission. The exoskeleton will have new features that will help you succeed on every mission.

You can also play the game. As I just observe my brother playing the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, he enjoys it. And one thing I like about it is, it does not require players to start the Call of Duty. Even you are alone, you can manage playing.

And my mom likes the first-person shooter feature of the game because my brother just stays home all day long compared to playing outside with friends.

I will search for more games this 2014 and provide more reviews. As I am writing these game contents, I am learning more about the latest trends in the gaming industry. I will share it with you, of course. Keep visiting my blog for more updates.