Welcome to Artful Gamer

Welcome to our new website, as you can see a lot of changes have been done and makes it more interesting by updating articles on recent games so that you can enjoy it here.

The Early Years

When I wrote my first post in 2007, I had a very different kind of site in mind i.e. “art games” and it’s emerging as interesting as well as a new approach to video gaming at that time. The art debate played well with a lingering malaise about the quality of video games which was written in the air—“the journalism of Gamepro and also other massive magazines which were gradually replaced by non-journalists and other writers (like me) who just wanted to share his views and knowledge about games with the audience.

artful-gamerBut at that time, some other blogs existed which include: Chris Bateman’s blog “Only a Game” was nearly a year old, Corvus Elrod’s “Man Bytes” And Gnome’s “The Gnome’s liar” were also about a year old and others also but there are not so many places where interesting and mature conversation done that’s why I created mine.

The Golden Years of- Game Blogging

During the years, say from 2008-2010, the game blogging community was a hotbed of discussion for the first time ever and you checked it by searching on Google for “mass effect review” which came up with a thoughtful commentary and criticism on video games that wasn’t written by online publisher or a major gaming magazine.

I took an initiative at that time by interleaving my personal experiences (i.e. past and present) with psychology and philosophy in order to expose something new about the games. I hoped that, deep down, the poetic and lyrical aspects of video games resonated with some of you in the ways that they resonated with me. But that style of writing wasn’t for everyone, and more often than not my interlocutors felt that the writing was too dense, or not dense enough, too analytical, or not analytical enough. And so on.

But in 2010, things started to slow down in the game blogging community, only few blogs were being posted, while some blog sites were disappeared completely and the golden period was over. Now, I am back with new posts and I appreciate your supportive, thoughtful, insightful and interesting replies that you have done with me over the years and with the same hope I started this website again and one thing that I forget to tell you that your comments and responses means the world to me so keep interacting me.